Square-wave 12VDC to 240VAC Inverter

This circuit, based around a simple push-pull MOSFET architecture, can generate mains-level output from a 12V battery. Note that there is no voltage regulation on the output, so there can be a bit of variation. Also, the frequency is not generally fixed to a precise value. However, for running resistive or mildly inductive loads, this circuit should work reliably. I have run electric fans (which use shaded-pole induction motors) successfully with this circuit, although the square wave drive causes the motor to make significant noise. However, the motor did not seem to overheat significantly. Normal fluorescent lamps will work, but may have some difficulty starting and the ballasts will hum a lot!

A version of the article on this page appeared in the Soft Technology magazine published by the ATA in Melbourne, Australia. The reference is:

G. W. Slade, ``Build Your Own Simple, Efficient 240 Volt Inverter,'' Soft Technology, vol. 51, Alternative Tech. Ass'n., Melbourne, Australia, April-June 1995.