Electrostatic Dust Removal

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Title: “Experiments with a simple electrostatic precipitator.”

Describes the construction and testing of a simple “cardboard-box” electrostatic precipitator based on an ignition-coil HV source.


Introduction to the project:

Remove dust and pollen from the air without the need for filter elements. Electrostatic precipitators are used extensively in industrial applications for removing particulate pollution from exhaust streams. Modern coal-fired power plants, for example, use building-sized precipitators for removing fly ash from their emissions.

Here, I describe a small version of an electrostatic precipitator for use in removing dust and pollen from the air. An ignition coil is used to generate the high-voltage needed for the production of the weak corona discharge. A significant ion current is necessary to charge the dust particles which enter the precipitator, but care must be taken to avoid the production of ozone, a hazardous irritating gas.

If you are interested in this simple high-voltage experimental project, please feel free to read the PDF document which describes the construction and use of this device. The document is in the draft stage (i.e., I would like to polish up the text a bit) and was last modified on 8 Oct. 2004.