Wave scattering

This work was carried out as an introduction to the mathematical methods of wave propagation and scattering. The PDF document contains a brief outline of the mathematical methods as well as an example calculation using the freely available downloadable software package, developed by me for educational use. The code is in the form of a Unix Tar file and requires GNU make and GCC for easy compiling. You can compile it on Windoze machines if you have Visual C++, for example, but you will have to build a suitable Makefile using the Visual C utilities.

The code will generate quality solutions under most circumstances, but there are a few deficiencies that need to be fixed. Namely,

  1. Full treatment of the singularity.

  2. Elimination of interior resonances.

  3. Add ability to treat lossy boundaries

  4. The ability to treat penetrable scatterers (like dielectrics/magnetic materials).

  5. Automatically correct segments entered with the wrong orientation.

Be sure to enter the boundary segments in a consistent orientation (usually CCW or anticlockwise).

The output of this program is purely numeric, but the field files are easily plotted using Gnuplot. Furthermore, echo cross-sections can be calculated from the scattered field intensity by

where the radius R is at least D2/l from the scatterer (D is the largest dimension of the scatterer and l is the wavelength).

Further work will also treat the 3-D problem, and ultimately, the vector electromagnetic wave problem. For now, however, have fun playing with this code. As always, please acknowledge me if you use this program in a project!